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29 May 2010 @ 02:29 am
I'm so lazy! No wonder half of my LJ friends have jumped ship :p

I've officially given up World of Warcraft and it feels gooood man. I can't believe how much time I spent playing it and how miserable it was making me. One of the officers in the guild i was in just started treating me like crap after a disagreement and I just suddenly woke up and thought to myself - "this isn't fun anymore". Totally thinking about selling my account but don't know how to go about doing it *shrugs* though I know I may regret it if I do. Bah.

My big bro built a new computer for me which should arrive here in Rotorua (from the south island) early next week, yay. My laptop is only good for browsing the net and downloading rubbish. And my desktop has the worst video card ever. Seriously. I have to run the Sims 2 on almost all the lowest settings.

We adopted a pretty new bird, a crimson wing parrot (also know as red winged parrot I think) which was born with only one wing,. She's about two now and hates people. Hopefully she will tame up though and stop throwing herself off the top of the cage whenever someone goes near. She's very pretty though. =)

She's the green one and her name is Chacha (which I hate but I also feel bad changing it :p) The yellow one is our Ringneck Juno! ^^
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22 April 2010 @ 05:12 pm
Can't say much has been happening in the magnificent world of Anna lately. It's been rather dull.

Well, we have been working our fingers to the bone building this damn aviary. And I can tell you right now, if I never have to put wire mesh on anything again, I'll die happy. Our arms and hands are covered in scratches from doing it :( Woe is me. It's about 3/4 of the way finished now so I'll post photos when it's done. It'll look sad for a while (until after Rich is back at work) as we're broke until he's getting paid again and can't buy all the fancy food/water containers and a few more birds etc.

My grandma said she has some finches for me which are still in the nest so that'll save some money etc but if we want babies etc we'll have to buy more as these ones are from the same nest (and that's just icky :p). We're also looking at getting Juno DNA'd sometime (indian ringneck) as I want to find a mate for him and it'll be another year or so before his markings will show and we can tell whether he's actually a he. I've read it's good for ringnecks to mature with their mates (though they won't actually mate until about 3 years of age at which point we can decide whether to let them do it or not).
Bah bird dorkiness over.

So I watched this film called "Let the Right one in"  (Låt den rätte komma in) and I can see why it won so many awards. It was pretty good, especially in the Land of Twilight. Though, judging a movie by it's awards is never a good idea *cough*thehurtlocker*cough*. But seriously, if you have the time and you like foreign films and aren't immediately put off by subtitles (lets face it, when has a dub ever been better?) then definitely watch it. I also know there's a remake of this film named "Let me in"  I think - I'm not sure if it's been released already but this makes me think of [Rec], make sure you watch the original first or else nothing good can come of it :p

Another thing I watched recently was "The Box". It has Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow in it, I'm not sure which (I'm about 90% sure they're the same person anyway). It was terrible. They aged it well but that's about all I can say for it. It was dull. It could have finished an hour earlier and you wouldn't have missed anything.

Rich leaves this saturday :( He's going to stay with his best friend Lucas for a few days and then with his psycho family for a few days. Fun. I fucking hate them with a passion. I wonder how they try to keep him there this time *rolls eyes* I hate being away from him though... we've spent less than 2 weeks apart in the past 2.5 years so it feels awkward, lol.

Blah anyway, Im boring.


15 April 2010 @ 10:07 pm
So... New Moon came out on dvd yesterday (yes, NZ is slow). I must say, I was a little disappointed. With Twilight, the commentary was done by the cast and it was so funny. On New Moon, it's like, the director and let's face it, he's boring :p So yeah, it was kind of sad :( But still, exciting :D I love New Moon! :D And tickets went on sale for the midnight screening of eclipse... my friend and I have decided we're not going though... we're just gonna wait till the next day when all the kids are in school.

We went shopping yesterday :D as usual. No wonder we're always broke :P We got New Moon <3, the Twilight graphic novel (which I haven't read yet but it was down to $20 instead of $33 for the New Moon release so I HAD to have it :p), Saw 6, Final Destination 4, The Uninvited, Lake Dead, Nightwatch, The Hulk, O, Monsters Ball, The Condemned, Cleaner, Space Chimps, Aristocats, A Bug's Life, and a few other dvds, thought I can't remember what right now - we got 18 total *shrugs* Oooo and I ordered Beauty and the Beast and 101 Dalmatians! I've wanted Beauty and the Beast for so long and a lady off eBay accepted my offer of US$12 so I had to buy it you know :P

Yeah, we're a little obssessed with movies..... close to 700 now which is fairly decent though scary when you consider that they all cost at least $10 each and a lot of them were bought new release which costs between $25-40 ... crazy.

We also went to a hardware shop to sort out what we need to build my bird aviary :D Soooo can't wait. Gonna cost between $350-400 to build which is not too bad. Hopefully we'll be able to get it started next week... just looking to try and find the netting as for one type we can't find rolls smaller than 50m -_- And we need only about 15 of one sort which is the better stuff for Juno's aviary (indian ringneck) - we're building 2 seperate aviaries with a door in the middle... one for the ringneck (which we'll find a mate for) and one for the cockatiels/quails/turqs/finches :D

Wow I can ramble.

Ooooooo had a big fight on facebook today, ahahaha (fb = srsbsns). A person on my friendlist posted a message about people looking funny at her taking her baby to a pub and I asked how taking a baby to a pub was appropriate. she didn't like it, haha and it turned into an argument. Pubs are totally not a place for babies. I don't care if the pub serves food and has a highchair they can supply. People go to pubs to what? Either drink and relax (probably away from their own children) or to drink and party. You want to feed you kid... take it to one of the other 100s of restaurants in the city that don't serve alcohol and promote themself as a pub. Sorry to any FListers who have children who might find that offensive. I just believe there's better/more approriate places you can take your child (the child in question is about 16-18mo)

Anyway, I'm done being boring for now ^^
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09 April 2010 @ 07:11 pm
Im just so bad at this recently :(

I hope everyone had a happy easter (and a safe one!). We had a pretty relaxing time and too much chocolate of course (not me, the kids!). Richard is now on holiday for just over 3 weeks :D Hopefully within this time we'll get a full size aviary built up :D

He's going down south to visit his crazy crazy family and is bringing back a powersaw from their house thats being stored there which he needs to build the aviary. So while I don't want him to go, I'm glad that he is :D His family is really crazy by the way. Like really really crazy. They're the sole reason we moved up to the north island to my parents house.

My brother is coming down tomorrow for a night with his girlfriend and my newest niece. She's so cute :D I'm not a baby fan at all but this ones different, being related and all :P

Me and Sarah went shopping yesterday which was fun :D I went in just to buy Where the Wild Things are which came out on dvd yesterday and didn't end up getting it :D instead I got: Definitely Maybe, Sunshine Cleaning, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Reign over me, Hollowman, The Illusionist, Darkness Falls, Going Overboard, Treasure Island and Robin Hood (both Disney). I also bought new socks <3, 2 new pairs of pyjama pants, a puzzle with heaps of diff movies on it (haha Im a dork, I know), The Chronicles of Narnia book, a cute manicure set for my purse, a set of measuring cups, some pretty pens and a New Moon bookmark/pen. I also picked up this game called Cranium which I've never played but it's a gift for Richards family. And I got two of his sisters a wallet each and another sister a set of eyeshadows. Aaaaand I ordered Disneys Tarzan and Atlantis off the internets :D I'm good at wasting money, if you can't tell.

Sunshine Cleaning is a great movie so if you haven't seen it, you should :D I'm trying to get all the Disney "classics" cartoons, if you can't tell. It's hard to find some here - especially Beauty and the Beast :( The last one I saw for sale (on our NZ auction site) went for $147 o.O

Oooo and and my parcel from we_love_mail  today :D  It was an easter themed swap so I got a cute butterfly shaped card, a set of notecards with bunnies on them, some fingernail decos, a package of dog treats, a bird toy, some "Bunny tails" bubble gum, a chocolate bunny and some peeps! I was hoping to get peeps after seeing some photos recently - they're so adorable :D Anyway that's enough rambling for now =)

26 March 2010 @ 08:44 pm
Mood theme for moulin rouge. I'm lazy right now so I cbf going into details so I'll copy-pasta from a previous theme - usual rules apply - credit is nice for people who want to find it but I don't really care that much. Just direct people this way if they want to download it and don't go claiming and sharing as your own because that's lame. But.... I didn't make the movie so no need to do anything fancy about crediting.

Instructions on how to use can be found HERE


Enjoy and sorry it took so long, its been sitting on my comp for a few weeks ... been way too distracted for LJ lately. Next up - Alice in Wonderland (2010)
11 March 2010 @ 05:14 pm
We found the cuttest cupcake cases! <3

And last night we bought (online) abook called 500 Muffins and Cupcakes so I can't wait until it comes :D It probably won't come until after the weekend though :/ Still, when it comes I'm going to start a 500 cupcake project and work my way through the book. Such goals in life :p
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10 March 2010 @ 04:45 pm
Well I realise it's been a while since I updated - sorry! (not that people care but meh :P)

SO I haven't been up to much really. I'm on a new diet, haha. I'm very unfit and very overweight - overweight as in, gained 30kgs since moving back home and not working >.> So I signed up at dailyburn.com and am now following a calorie/carb restricted diet and doing exercise on a pretty new elliptical machine. It's killing me, haha. I can't believe how unfit I've gotten :/ I've never been fit or thin but before we moved back here, I was working long days on my feet all day and eating well, not healthy but there was never as much soda or chips in my diet. Now I've been spending much of my time on the computer and eating junk. They say it gets easier, it better :P Fingers crossed I can stick to it because I'd love to be able to wear shorts or a skirt again. I do miss coke though :p

Oh, I made cupcakes yesterday =) (and btw I dont actually eat cupcakes, haha... I'll eat one when I make them maybe but I've never been a big cake eater) I wanted to try the rainbow ones that are very popular lately and they were neat ^^ And I wanted to make a topping other than buttercream or fondant so even though it didn't go with the cupcakes, I made a fudge frosting :D I'm testing what I can do I can make some as gifts as such when I get more motivated. It was delicious frosting and apparently the cupcakes were great too, haha.

I'm still putting off making my Moulin Rouge mood. It's so hard, theres so many beautiful scenes and moments in it and I start making them and then change my mind :/ I so want to make it though >.> And btw, if anyone has any suggestions etc, for movies they'd like to see themed then feel free :D
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03 March 2010 @ 01:01 pm
So the other day when I was making the cupcakes, I realise I was missing 2 items - a spatula (which must have been misplaced over christmas time) and a complete set of measuring spoons. So I needed to buy some! =)

Rich took me into town this morning before he started work and bought me a cool new spatula and spoon set :D So pretty :D And we got some new dvds - Coraline <3, The Taking of Pelham 123 (come on, John Travolta is hott), 500 days of Summer, Wall-E, Premonition, Resident Evil 1 and 3 (we already have number 2) and District 9. I love dvds :D Annnnnnnd Richard got me some new nail polish :D

My swap from we_love_mail arrived yesterday from animeshon and it was neat ^^ There was some homemade red velvet cupcakes, some Ferrero Rocher chocolates, some cookie cutters <3, maltesers instant hot chocolate, chocolate pocky, a pencil, 2 wee notebooks, some postcards and the prettiest card. I LOVE this comm :D

It's been a very busy few days as I also decided I wanted to rearrange our rooms, haha. I don't know if people know but Richard and I live at my parents house - we used to rent a house down in the south island but due to a lot of problems with his family and me missing my family, we moved back to live with my parents. So in my parents house we have 3 rooms and a bathroom. Previously we had our bedroom with the tv/dvd/surround sound, a room where the computer desks were and a room which had dressing table and the dvd cabinet. It took a lot of effort but I switched them all around and now we have a "lounge" of our own with the tv and a sofa and stuff :P I'm also sorting out all our stored boxes of crap - we had a whole closet filled with boxes of junk and papers etc... I managed to get it down to one box so I'm rather proud of myself :P

I'm a wee bit worried about Micah's weight. I can't weigh him as during my big cleanup I've put the mini scales somewhere (I have a set purely for weighing the birds as the only other scales we have only measure to the nearest 100g). Wow I can ramble, haha. But anyway he feels a bit bony so I've moved him into a small cage to keep in the room so I can monitor how much he's eating - he's been caged with our other cockatiel who seems like a bit of a bully sometimes. I haven't seen him bullying Micah but when you hold Micah you can feel where new feathers are growing and he shouldn't have that many new ones growing in at this time of the year. It makes sense to me :p

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24 February 2010 @ 09:36 pm
So I finally pulled out my cupcake maker that Richard's parents got me (us, whatever) for Christmas =) Is it useful? Not really - I could have cooked 12 in a muffin tin in the oven in the time that it took to cook 6 in the maker but gosh is it cute :D

(there was 12 but they didn't all fit on the plate :P)

Was just a basic vanilla cupcake recipe with a whole bunch of chocolate chips added in :D I didn't eat any but everyone else seemed to enjoy them :P

See! I have been productive! Annnnnnnnnnd I got my shaman to 80 =) I'm a loser <3 Check out the new mood themes if you're interested in "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" "Dread" or "Spirited Away". More are coming - Moulin Rouge *should* be next
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24 February 2010 @ 09:01 pm
Spirited Away is one of my all time favourite movies so here's a mood theme =) When you look you'll be able to tell which seen is my favourite, haha.

Anyway, usual rules apply - credit is nice for people who want to find it but I don't really care that much. Just direct people this way if they want to download it and don't go claiming and sharing as your own because that's lame. But.... I didn't make the movie so no need to do anything fancy about crediting.

Instructions on how to use can be found here


Click the tag "moody" to find all my mood themes =)
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